Bundle Pricing

Unlock your Business. Affordably.

Explore our Basic, Standard, and Advanced offerings, each tailored to meet your evolving needs. From essential features to advanced capabilities, we have a solution for every stage of your business journey.

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Get started with Essential Tools

Embark on your business journey by creating a foundation for streamlined operations. These fundamental features pave the way for growth and efficiency.

Elevate your Business with Enhanced Features

Break past previous barriers. Reach new heights by integrating all your business processes.

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Unlock the Full Potential of your Business

Gain clairvoyance into the future of your business. Make the impossible possible by utilizing all your business data.

Your New Business Reality Begins

Basic Bundle

Starting at: CAD $7.2k

$225 monthly

10% Savings

  • Basic Production Module
  • Basic Finance Module
  • Basic Logistics Module
  • Basic Legal Module
  • 10% Off Basic Private Large Language Model

Standard Bundle

Starting at: CAD $34k

$1275 monthly

15% Savings

  • Standard Production Module
  • Standard Finance Module
  • Standard Logistics Module
  • Standard Legal Module
  • 15% Off Standard Private Large Language Model

Advanced Bundle

Starting at: CAD $140k

$4800 monthly

20% Savings

  • Advanced Production Module
  • Advanced Finance Module
  • Advanced Logistics Module
  • Advanced Legal Module
  • 20% Off Advanced Private Large Language Model