Private Large Language Model

Power of an LLM. No Compromise.

Deploy your very own LLM on your business infrastructure. You have control of your data and the model.

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Download to your computer

Download the binary to your existing business intranet. No need for any external connections.

Familiar Prompting Style

Ask your LLM the same questions that you are familiar with. You will get better answers.

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Business Security

Only authorized personnel can use the LLM. Lock your confidential data behind your current IT system.

Advance your Business with our pLLM


  • Small Businesses
  • Download Binary
  • Up to 3000 files
  • 15 Standard templates
  • Basic answers to customer questions
  • Limited capability for handling simple dialogues
  • Basic support in drafting emails


  • Medium Businesses
  • Download Binary
  • Unlimited files
  • Unlimited Standard templates
  • Tailored to individual customers
  • Sophisticated Text Generation
  • Support in drafting documents
  • Higher processing speeds


  • Large Businesses
  • Download Binary
  • Unlimited Files
  • Unlimited Standard templates
  • White Glove Service
  • Deep Learning Model Training
  • Hardware upgrade and design
  • Tailored to Entire Business
  • Sophisticated Text Generation
  • Support in Drafting Documents
  • Real-time Data Requests
  • Cyberphysical Task Completion