Production Module

Streamline Success: Powering Your Production with Precision and Efficiency.

Designed to revolutionize your production line, this module offers real-time monitoring, automated scheduling, and seamless integration, ensuring every step of your manufacturing process is optimized for peak performance and unparalleled efficiency.

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See Everything In your Process

Delve deeper and gain transparency into your entire process. Translate into powerful insights and adapt to changes in real-time.

Integrate Existing Systems

Combine your existing infrastructure and connect to a sophisticated network. Remove production silos and create one business.

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Resource Planning

Adapt to fast-paced production challenges. Have the exact materials that you need when you need it. Automate requests for more materials.

Start Producing More while Reducing Costs


Starting at: CAD $5k

$100 monthly

  • Small Business
  • 500 inputs
  • Basic Material Requests
  • Hardware Support
  • 1 Production Upgrade Assessment


Starting at: CAD $25k

$500 monthly


Starting at: CAD $100k

$2000 monthly